Where is the JLPT Test Held?

JLPT Tests are held in Japan and in 46 different countries.  It is usually available in big countries with a large population such as USA, Canda, UK, Spain, German, France, China, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam and many others.  The best way to check to see if it’s available is to search for “JLPT Your_Country_Name” or Click on this link.

When is the JLPT Test held?

JLPT Tests are usually offered twice a year depending on your location.  It is always held on December of the year and depending on the location, July tests are offered.

JLPT Tests: The first Sunday of July and December.  Please check your location for the exact dates.  The deadline to apply for JLPT is usually ONE month before the JLPT Test.

What is JLPT?

JLPT is also known as Japanese Language Proficiency Test.  JLPT tests are held in Japan and throughout the world.  It is usually offered twice in July and December of the year.  In some locations, the JLPT tests are only offered in December.

There are 5 different levels for JLPT.  JLPT N1 is the highest level and JLPT N5 is the lowest level.  JLPT N1 assumes you have advanced Japanese language skills and can communicate fairly extensively.  JLPT N5 assumes you have basic Japanese language skills and you know basic Japanese greetings and words.