1. What is JLPT Test?
    • JLPT test on your Japanese Language skills.
  2. When is the JLPT Test?
    • The JLPT is offered on the first Sunday of December every year.
  3. How often is the JLPT offered?
    • It is offered twice a year.
  4. When does the registration period start and end?
    • Please check the JLPT page for more information.
  5. How can I register for the test?
    • You can register online through jflalc.org and pay with a credit card.
    • Or you can print out the paper registration and mail it in with your credit card information or a check.
  6. How much does it cost to take the test?
    • It costs $40 for levels 3 or 4 and $50 for levels 1 or 2.
  7. Can I take two levels on the same day?
    • You can only register and take one level per year.
  8. Can I change the test level or test site after registering?
    • You can only change the test level or test site during the registration period. After the registration period ends, you will no longer be able to change this information.
    • If you have an online account (applied online, or submitted an email address with paper application) you can change the test level simply by logging into your account.
      *If you are changing from a $40 level (3 or 4) to a $50 level (1 or 2), you must pay the non-refundable difference. You will be prompted to give your credit card information again when you make this change.
    • If you do not have an online account (did not apply online, nor submit an email address with paper application) you can change the test level by mailing or faxing (213-621-2590) a Test Site / Level Change Request form. It Absolutely MUST arrive at JFLA before the end of the registration period (late arrivals will not be accepted, no matter the post mark date).
      *If you are changing from a $40 to $50 level, you must pay the non-refundable difference. As with mail in registration, credit card, personal checks and money orders are acceptable for this.
  9. I am trying to register, but I forgot my User Name or Password, what should I do?
    • If you know your User Name (the email address you used to register with) then you can use the lost password feature in My Account to retrieve your password. If you forgot your User Name or do not have access to that email address anymore please contact us so we can help you. DO NOT create a new account if you have previously registered for the test.
  10. Can I request special accommodations for the test due to a disability?
    • You will need to submit a special accommodation request form along with your application form. This form is downloadable from our web site and you should fill it out as best as you can and attach an official note from your doctor to verify your condition. Afterwards, the testing committee will determine if you will be granted the special accommodation. If your request is turned down, you will be refunded the entire application fee.
  11. I am currently living in another country, can I take the test in the United States?
    • You can take the test in the US provided if you can legally enter the country.
  12. I will be going back to my home country soon, can I request the test results be sent there?
    • Yes we can send your test results provided that your international address is entered correctly in My Account.
  13. I was unable to register during the registration period, can I pay a fee for late registration?
    • We do not offer late registration after the registration period is over. If you are submitting a paper application by mail, please make sure it arrives by the by the registration date or else it will be returned to you.
    • Please do not wait until the last minute to register, if you have computer issues and are unable to register by the cutoff time, then you will not be able to take the test. No exceptions will be made in this matter.
  14. I am having problems registering online through My Account, what should I do?
    • Please call us during our office hours so we may help you register for the test. Please do not call after the registration period.
  15. I registered for the test, but I found out that I cannot make it that day, can I get a refund or take the test on another day?
    • Under the JLPT Rules and Policies guideline, which you agreed to when registering for the test, we do not offer any refunds if you are unable to take the test during the scheduled test date. No makeup tests will be offered.
  16. Where is the test location and what time does it start?
    • You will receive a vital information sheet with address and start times for the test, make sure you leave plenty of time to arrive at the test site so you can locate the correct building. Most tests will be administered on a college campus, which maybe large and difficult to navigate.
  17. I never received or lost my test voucher, can you send me another one?
    • If you registered through My Account, you can login with your user name and password and print a new test voucher.
  18. Can I get college credit for passing the JLPT?
    • Although the JLPT is highly regarded as a reputable measure of proficiency throughout the world, official affiliation with or endorsement from any academic institution does not exist. It has been reported that some US universities require their Japanese language majors to pass a certain level of JLPT for completion of their degree and some US high school Japanese programs give extra credit for taking the test. In addition, some Japanese institutions require foreign students to pass either a level 1 or 2 JLPT for admission. However, such issuing of merit for passing a certain level of JLPT is entirely at the discretion of each academic institution. Please check with your home institution for their JLPT policy.
  19. The weather looks like it will be bad on the day of the test, can I make it up on a different day?
    • It is up to the individual test taker to make it to the test site on time for the test. If you are traveling from afar, it is recommended that you leave yourself plenty of time to make up for any delays in travel. Unless you are traveling to a location with mild climate, there will most likely be delays in travel. If you are not able to make it to the test site, you will forfeit the test. In extreme cases, where the weather or some other natural or man made event causes the city where the test site is located to completely shut down, the test may then be cancelled.
  20. I cannot make it to one of your test sites to take the JLPT, can I request the test to be sent to my local school or college and have them administer the test for me?
    • Unfortunately we do not offer this kind of service and only administer the test through one of our dedicated test locations. Although this can be an inconvenience to some people, it is the only way we can maintain the quality and integrity of the test set forth by the Testing Committee.
  21. Something has come up that will prevent me from taking the test on Sunday, what should I do to cancel the test?
    • As previously noted, refunds will not be given if you cannot make it to the test. There is nothing further to do, if you do not show up for the test, you simply do not receive a score and it will not count against you.
  22. I received an email saying that the test results will not be available until late February, can I pay extra to get my results earlier?
    • Unfortunately, all the tests from around the world are sent to Japan to be graded by the Testing Committee. Since this process is time consuming, the whole process will be delayed if an individual test has to be pulled and graded first therefore we do not offer this service
  23. I lost my JLPT certificate, can it be reissued?
    • The JLPT certificate can be reissued in a limited fashion within 1 year of the exam date. After 1 year from the exam date, only an official JLPT certificate copy can be issued. In either case the method of application for this reissue depends on where you took the exam:
    • If you took the test in THE U.S. Please send the following information to the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles by fax at (213) 621-2590.
      • A brief written request for certificate or score report reissue
      • Your name in Roman letters
      • Date of birth
      • Your Examinee Registration Number (If you don’t remember it, please mention the test level, test site, and test year.)
      • The address to which we should send the reissued test certificate
      • A copy of your passport or Photo ID
      • Your e-mail or telephone number for reference
    • If you took the test in Japan , please contact the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES Website).
    • If you took the test in TAIWAN , please contact the host institution in Taipei (Taiwan Host Institution Website).
    • If you took the test in any country OTHER THAN THE U.S., JAPAN or TAIWAN , send the information listed above to The Japan Foundation Headquarters in Japan by fax at 81-3-5562-3498.
  24. Are there other proficiency tests for Japanese language other than the JLPT?
    • There are two other more specialized exams that are administered by organizations other than the Japan Foundation or JEES:
    • JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) offers the BJT (Business Japanese Proficiency Test) specifically for those who want to be certified in business Japanese. The test is administered at 5 test sites around the US, as well as in Japan and several other countries. JETRO BJT Website
    • The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU), is administered in Japan and some countries in Asia, specifically for foreign students who want to enter a Japanese university as a regular* (*not necessary for international program students) full time student. It is similar to a Japanese version of TOEFL. JASSO EJU Website